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    Natural Nails Studio

    Life isn't perfect, but your nails can be.

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    Natural Nails Studio

    Nothing improves your mood like a new manicures.


Your trusted nail salon in Kitchener

At Natural Nails Studio, we stay committed to ensure that your nails represent your unique and individual style.

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Our Services

Beauty Is An Art

Where creativity is turned into beauty and unique nail sets are created.

Manicure - Pedicure

Allow our specialists to keep your fingernails and toes pink and solid.

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Easy Packages

Super deals when choosing combo packages.

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Organic Dipping Powder

Dip powder is a nail system that overlays on weak or brittle nails. They are quick to apply and odor free.

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Nail Extensions

Not only does nail extensions make your nails look glossy and modern, but it also strengthens and protects them.

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Walk confidently down the street with a stunning appearance and eye-catching nails.

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Experience effortless unwinding hair waxing strategies based on expert-recommended cures.

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Additional Services

Our skilled nail technicians can help you improve the look of your nails.

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Kid Services

The child must be lovely if the mother is. The care of children's nails and toes is just as important as adult nail and toe care.

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  • Ombre Full Set

    Blends different colour tones to create a layered and dreamy look. This fading effect can providing an excellent way to add personality to your manicure.

  • Hollywood set

    Everything will be extra with longer length, multi color ombre, hand drawing, mixed glitter and blings, 3D nail art. Let us freestyle a dope set for you with the latest nail trends!

  • Elegant Set

    Full set of medium or long nails, ombre 2-3 colours, hand drawing, mixed glitter and blings. You can simply never go wrong with a classy manicure but still follow the trends.

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